Onyx is a semi-precious natural stone that attracts the attention of all architects, builders and designers. It is a luxurious material capable of turning any space into a masterpiece.
This exotic stone attracts all eyes, as parts of it are transparent, this can be combined with lighting and thus achieve a more luxurious look. When onyx is used, it increases the investment in the value of the building or apartment for a long time.
Thanks to its unique beauty and transparency, architects and interior designers use it to make their projects more luxurious. But due to the high price of onyx, the applications of this stone are limited and are mainly used for first-class homes, as well as in hotels and valued administrative and commercial centers.

Onyx for wall

Onyx for tables

Onyx for stairs (interior)

Onyx for ceiling

Onyx for countertops (for hotels, bars, administrative centers and ultra-luxury venues)


The quality

High-quality marble is composed of one tone, homogeneous color and without any stains.

The color

Marble has a wide variety of colors which, after polishing, reveal their incredible beauty and dazzling vision.


For non-standard sizes, the price of the marble changes.









What are the different types of onyx?

Usually, onyx is not uniform in color, and this is due to the wide variety in its chemical composition. According to its predominant color pigment, the stone is divided into 4 different groups. These are: black onyx (Arabian), white onyx (pure), red-white (carneolonyx) and brown-orange (sardonyx).

Can onyx be used in high traffic areas?

We do not recommend using onyx as flooring in high traffic areas or for exterior use as it is an expensive and fragile stone.

What is the best way to clean onyx?

Care of onyx floors mainly includes regular wet cleaning, which must be done in several stages: removal of sand and dust with a soft brush, whose abrasive particles lead to scratches on the shiny surface of the stone; rinsing the floor with a soft textile material soaked in warm clean water and drying naturally. In cases of severe contamination, it is allowed to use a soapy solution and special detergents with a neutral pH (not higher than 7).

How can I prevent onyx surface stains?

To prevent various types of pollution, it is recommended to periodically treat onyx floors with impregnates – special protective agents, which, when they fall on the surface of the stone, deeply penetrate into its pores, where they subsequently polymerize.

Can marble be repaired if damaged?

Due to the fact that the main “enemy” of onyx surfaces is precisely sand, which leads to scratches that do not affect their appearance in the best way, it is recommended to polish at least once a year and crystallize every six months.

If polishing allows you to get rid of minor mechanical damage in the form of scratches and microscopic cracks, then you can remove more serious defects (holes, chips, deep scratches and cracks) by grinding followed by polishing. As for crystallization, this procedure is aimed more at protecting against mechanical damage by strengthening the surface layer of onyx floors. In addition, crystallization removes minor defects and restores the luster of the stone.

Is onyx durable?

If you properly care for onyx floors, then complex expensive restoration procedures, including leveling and filling the floor surface, restoring joints, grinding and polishing, as well as crystallization of onyx tiles, will not be necessary for a long time.